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4 Steps to Headache Relief

  • Find out the spice you have in your cupboard that works as well as a migraine medication (without the side effects)
  • Discover where (and how long) to use ice to naturally reduce the tension in your head and neck
  • Want to prevent the next headache? Find out what really works
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About Dr. Kauffman:  

I became a chiropractor because I hurt my back in high school and got incredible relief from chiropractic care. I'm still amazed by the results we can achieve with effective, all natural cures. Treating patients is so rewarding when I get to see someone go from a painful limited state to someone who is feeling and functioning like they are meant to. 

"Dr. Kauffman is great at having you understand what he is doing, and works with you to get great results!" - Ben G. (Loveland, OH)

"Dr Kauffman is the best in the area. He is patient, gentle and informative about every aspect of your care plan. I will never go to anyone else. I have trusted him with every member of my family and all five of us agree that we have found the best in the business!" - Jodi O. (Blue Ash, OH)

  • Named one of Cincinnati's Top Chiropractors by Cincinnati Magazine
  • Chosen as one of the top 20 Chiropractors in the Cincinnati area by
  • "A" Rated on Angie's List
  • Over 100 5 Star Ratings on Google  

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